513 Tank car "SHELL"

available from 1957 - 1978

So far 3 different colour schemes came up - for the 513 "normal" tanker. Note that the "normal" tanker also carries the number 1504. This leads me to the conclusion that the battery tender (see listings below) was designed and numbered first - thereafter Biller decided to release a normal tanker as well - without changing the numbering on the body. All versions show the last pre-war SHELL-logo.

The 1st in sequence is considered to be the version in overall unique dark yellow colour. Some of these have the Pertinax plates inside the caps - without the wire-connectors as known from the battery-tanker.


all dark yellow tanker

The Shell battery truck with the old brown box


The most common version has a shiny / bright yellow body with dark yellow end caps. I consider this version to be the 2nd in production sequence. Here as well some still have the Pertinax inside the end caps.

The final version is in overall shiny / bright unique yellow colour

bright body - darker end caps

all bright yellow tanker




1504 battery tender "SHELL"

The most probably first version: the filling domes are yellow, the coach has no ladders (even no punched holes for them) and no inscription - only seen in a catalogue from approx. 1960-1963. This coach really exists. The filling hoods have the same shape and size as the steam domes used on the 500 and 1500 E locos. Here the colour of body and lids is unique. Jörg describes this version as hand-painted. Is this a pre-series model? SHELL-Battery tenders became dispensable after the 1550 battery loco came in 1962.

pre-series model?


The so far most common version of the Shell battery truck incl. the smaller red filling hoods and 4 ladders - and the inscription "1504". The letters and the SHELL-signs are a little bit smaller - and have been moved a little to the right. This version is unique dark yellow.

About this version I'm not really sure. I bought it on a Flea Market - with false connecting plugs. But everything else appeared to be original - unique bright yellow colour. I reconstructed it - and re-placed original female plugs.

the most common version

unique bright yellow


internal differences: some show internal grey painting

Finally the "internals" of the battery tender - left hand side shows the front lid. Tthe rear Pertinax plate (with spring9 is the same as used in the 1800 Giant battery compartment

internal differences


This model is unique dark yellow - shows the cable from the rear pole exit the lid and re-enter the body right away underneath the lid. The models above show that the cable from the rear is deployed straight through the body. These 2 pictures show all details - to prove this wagon to be genuine as well.
unterschiedliche Füllstutzen
See a battery tanker in unique dark yellow - but the filling hoods are different lithographed in RAL 3003 ruby red (left) and RAL 3000 fire red. This hodge-podge is also expected at the tank supports - and at the 513 "normal" tanker. We will see. in order to reduce the weight of the 1504 battery truck: inserted - by a 3D-printer made - plastic dummies to allow an operation with 3 x AA-Batteries.
different coloured filling hoods 1504 weight reduction
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