The Biller DVD


After 10 Years this project ceases / ceased Autumn 2014

However this DVD is still available and contains 41 displayed Patents and a list of 32 patent-related documents (4 of them displayed) concerning Biller Toys - issued between 1934 and 1977. Patents (7 in English - all others in German Language) will NOT be available online. The Homepage data are "frozen" Spring 2014


This Data-DVD is available for 18,99 € (Europe) / 19,99 €uro (Overseas) incl. airmail shipping. There is no reduction in price if you order more than one (sorry). All DVDs are numbered and usually marked as a personal edition - your name (or name of the desired person) will be displayed on the 1st page.

ONLY US and overseas citizens may use PayPal, EC citizens will receive IBAN and BIC for bank transfer.

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