Biller self made / created cars and coaches

snowplow / snowplough: in 2002 Paul Ast came up with the idea of creating a snowplough - and so he built some. Here are the pictures


Cattle Car - superstructure by Bing

Heavy-load coach with British fire truck



Generator coach

Open freight transporter with cabin - Konrad Dressler on a Biller-Chassis

KD auf HaBi


Helicopter Transporter - made of parts from 510, 515 and 090

 Co-operation with the Swiss SBB/CFF

 Helicopter Transporter

 515 car transporter - remake as known from the 1966 novelty sheet

All coaches are self-made and the ones after the red car transporter can be tracked back to the early 80ies - made in Berlin

 This train set was offered in Duisburg-Rheinhausen on a flea-market. The seller asked 200.- € for it - sold it for 180.- €. However just some days later a German Auctioneer offered this set on the Internet - and it was sold again - for 154,38 €uro.

The set contains an original 013 loco, a self-made crew-coach (most probably a BUB superstructure) and two 4-axle-chassis with Maerklin side walls carrying "war material".

 4-axle chassis with Maerklin safety walls carrying a carriage and a goulash cooker


as the Refrigerator Wagon 523, but this one has a siren, activated by the knob on the roof. Power supply by a 9 Volt block-battery. Obviously part of a private "Limited Edition" / small series. I have knowledge of at least 3 Models. All the following listed coaches have the same plastic-chassis - with only 1 coupling-hook 

as mentioned on the left side - this one in red colour - additional ladder on the roof  




another version with black switch at a different position, which prooves that this coach was produced several times as well. 



 and the internal

connecting facilities 



Fire brigade flood light powered by the red "siren car" - seen several times as well  

Pump car on the chassis of an 2-axle wagon - which deviates significantly from the overall pattern 




Fire brigade car with hose - known several times as well  



 Fire fighting train

Flat car with fire brigade truck 




 Construction - flood light car. Power supply via cable from the siren car




Construction car, brown, with chain wind-up 


The above listed cars are obviously self-made. Anyhow some of these cars were bought in different years from different sellers - in Germany

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