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This page shows several Locos, Coaches and Toys by Biller which I collected or got knowledge of from other collectors.  All these Toys really exist - however were subject to more or less professional handicraft work

This 013-1, found in my 150 Set with the "Made in Germany - Soviet-Zone" marking, is missing the frame. So the previous owner from Sicily / Italy simply re-bent the fishplates at the cabin's rear and lead the spring through the front of the cooler - and it is working.  The chassis of a 500/1550 with the clockwork of a 500 tin steam loco. The holes in the chassis are closed by rivets. Assumed to be delivered from the factory as seen here!!! 
Not macht erfinderisch aus der Not heraus  
What a hodgepodge - so many parts of different locos: chassis of a 550/1550, battery truck 1502 of a blue 1500, superstructure of a normal 013 Diesel, Motor of a red 1500. This one has been on the front page twice - Diesel outline superstructure on a wooden 4-axle truck.

Not necessarily only locos and coaches were subject to handicraft work. Left side shows a 090 helicopter on the platform of an Atom-Gun 135 - right side shows a plastic-whale mounted on a 190 base


All these following Toys really exist - however they shall be considered as "Fun".

This is the 500 FR. This is a version of a - in 2008 sighted - Piedmont Cherry Plantation (Italy) - used to transport the cherry yield. Locals call this loco fondly "Mon Cher" - my dear. Right side towing an empty 502-2 FR.
Biller Werkslok 500 FR Lok 500 FR mit 502-2 FR - auf Leerfahrt

I saw several of these trains - but regrettably only during the cold autumn and winter period - and disappeared again - just like nothing. Right picture shows the solely 511 RS FR - No. 1 behind the engine.

500 FR mit 502 FR
still in service - the 1st version of the 502 FR

Interesting the fact that just the solely side-tipper in red-black colour-scheme is in use - but this is perfect in regard to the general appearance.

511 Ferrero

Wow - here it is - the blue clockwork


Already known for some years - foldable rails in Light and Xtreme versions

Knickschiene "Light" Knickschiene "Xtreme"
The in 2008 offered 3-rail track didn't make the breakthrough

Left picture shows the 023 B stationary Railroad Crane in blue - and right side shows the 095 R - Dock Yard Crane in red. What do these varieties say? Thanks to Paul Ast who kept an eye on this.

stationärer Eisenbahnkran in Blau Dock Yard Crane in rot
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