503 - Oil wagon

available 1953 - 1967

Oil wagon, carrying 3 barrels without inscription Dealers box with six 1stversion oil wagons

1st version - no inscription


Oil wagon, carrying 3 barrels with "SHELL" inscription. This logo was introduced by SHELL in 1955 - a possible indicator for the availability of this wagon - whereas the 513 / 1504 4-axle tanker always had a pre-war logo. If this was a kind of "sponsorship" is no longer traceable.

and finally having a red chassis 

"SHELL" inscripted

with red chassis


the 503-2 - also delivered with different yellow and red shades. Nothing really world-shaking - but at least documented.

the 503-2 - offered 1967 for 2,75 DEM - at Obletter in Munich

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