506 / 507 Track Transporter

available from 1953
506 - Bogie wagon for track transport incl. 3 straight tracks

507 - Bogie wagon for track transport incl. 3 curved tracks


variations of the boogies - the lower boogie having only one coupling. There are 3 types of chains known:

  • chain link consisting of 2 circular eyes bent by 90 along the axis

  • 1 circular chain link and 1 oval link - bent by 90 along the axis (see right side)

  • single oval chain links (see below)

and another variation, with single oval chain links


boogies underside: so far there are 6 different colour varieties known

grey as well

die farbigen Unterseiten


Finally 2 coupling versions - presenting the final area of Biller production. The necessity to save material (and time) thus the and boogies were equipped with 1 coupling hook only. Both pictures on the left show that even the retaining / security tin inside the frame is missing. The picture on the needs no words to explain!

fehlende Kupplung

fehlende Kupplung

fehlende Kupplung


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