509 Variation wagon


available from 1970 until the "end"


The Variation wagon 509

The content
"Variationswagen", now 15 pieces superstructure as announced in the ctalogues as of 1970, e.g. animals, 4 high side walls, fences, 2 crew and 4 fences. Regardless the way of counting - I never matched the 15 pieces as described. It is always more - up to 19 pieces!!! Deviating from the pictures on the box - NO barrels were delivered!!!  

Italian boxes

Variationswagen in 1st available box - cardboard. The inscription is still 508, either pasted over or crossed out. Italian pricing of 1100 Lira. My previous allegation, that the animals Biller distributed together with these sets as well as for the 238 / 1638 Sets were made by Heinerle, a German company famous for all kind of bits and pieces, is obsolete. These accesorries were obviously produced by Manurba - as these 2 bags with 6 animals each proof.
4 x latest edition on blisterd cardboard

gelber 509 im Blister
  Interesting that the animal fences were obviously delivered in car colour

blauer 509 im Blister

grüner 509 im Blister


very rare brown car - gray roof

very rare brown car - brown roof


very rare brown car - gray roof

very rare brown car - brown roof


and from underneath

2 pieces of sidewalls shown in different red shades - same colour shades observes at the fences


The Crew for the Sets 231 / 1631 and 232 / 1632 as well as for the 508 Variation wagon were delivered without painting at the face and arms.

The mould for the 508 / 509 plastic figures. A quite heavy piece of tool - 12,6 Kg


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