511 side tipper

available from 1956 - red version until 1970

Side tipper, red, chassis red, brass crank, with dump function. The screw thread and the handle fixing are made all of a piece. Catalogue pictures always show the version with the brass crank! side tipper and the very old box

red tipper with brass handle 


the bottom side shows 4 different colours: black, red, dark green ...

... or yellow even with a yellow Handle - most probably made with a 3D-Printer
underside in yellow yeloow Handle
so far only seen at the "black" version - hand-stamped "Made in West Germany" underneath the tipper - as also known at the 1500 E black steam loco. This is the 1st version of this coach. and the "normal" - later - "Made in Western Germany" lithography

Side tipper, Red, chassis Red, White brake/dump handle, with dump function. Bottom side of the chassis known to be red or dark green. The handle is screwed onto the 6 mm longer winding - and is often missing. White spare handle remakes are available here.

red tipper with white brke / dump handle


Side tipper, red, chassis red, black brake/dump handle on red superstructure, dump function ???


Side tipper, red, chassis black, black brake/dump handle on black superstructure, with and without dump function

Price tag at a red 511 sold at Franz Carl Weber in Switzerland in the mid 70th. This car here was recovered from the Urban Junk Yard in Basel / Switzerland

red tipper, black chassis, black handle

Swiss price tag


Side tipper, green, chassis black, white brake/dump handle, without dump function. Without dump function. White spare handle remakes are available here.

Side tipper, Green, chassis Black, black brake/dump handle. This version is reported to be available with dump function as well

green tipper, black chassis, white handle

green tipper and black handle


previous shown version in blister box

an un-punched tin for the green 511 dump car - seize 70 x 52 cm - containing 20 loading areas and 21 side gates - the strip at the bottom is waste
5th version - display counter box unpunched tin
Green side Tipper with plastic chassis

Green side Tipper with plastic chassis

completely different plastic chassis

the plastic tub and the coal bag for the 511 - as seen in the leaflets 1956 and later as seen in several leaflets and catalogues

as seen in several leaflets

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