512 ballast wagon

available from 1957

The release levers where mounted either on one or on both sides. The single sided copper levers were simply cut off or had a "lens-like" shape
ballast wagon, green chassis, superstructure outside red - internal yellow, the load could be released by moving the two (here white ball-shaped) knobs. All chassis known in 2 different green shades.

having yellow ball-shaped knobs

gelbe Ladefläche, gelbe runde Knöpfe

The levers were installed either double- or just single-sided.

Usually the boogie platform and the boogies were black - however there are a few versions known to have red boogie platforms and black boogies as known from the red 511 side tipper.

The single-sided lever version shows either lens-shaped or a cut off stump ends. now having 1 yellow and 1 red - ball-shaped - knob. So it can be assumed that a version with 2 ball-shaped red knobs was delivered as well.

"bunter Hunt"


as above, now having yellow - cylindrical - knobs

here you can see a bleached version of this coach. This is most probably a result of a counter display pack being displayed into the sun for a longer period. 


gelbe Ladefläche, gelbe zylindrische Knöpfe

eine ausgeblichene Version


having white cylindrical knobs, tin or plastic boogies, dark green chassis


ballast wagon, internal yellow, red cylindrical release knobs, dark green chassis

gelbe Ladefläche, rote zylindrische Knöpfe

gelbe Ladefläche, rote zylindrische Knöpfe und Plastik-Drehgestelle

white / bright grey loading area with internal yellow front/back walls. Single sided lever knobs plastic coated internal completely bright grey, chassis black, red cylindrical lever knobs
weiße Ladefläche, weißer Überzug an den Hebeln


the plastic tub and the coal bag for the 512 - as seen in the catalogue 1969 and later  finally as seen in several catalogues

tub, coal bag and oil can

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