514 railroad crane

1964 until 1978
railroad crane, green cabin, incl. palette, wood load and support logs, turning the cabin by a wheel underneath the boom - boom and hook could be moved up and down by means of two hand cranks at the rear of the cabin. Red rubber knobs at the support screws  (2-gear 3,5 mm winding - strange and seldom). as described above, however now having clear rubber knobs and a "clear" palette
now showing clear rubber knobs  having red rubber knobs at the support screws
obviously the before described version was as well delivered with a tin plate tub  railroad crane, orange cabin, turning the cabin by a wheel underneath the boom, chassis without supports, boom is spring operated, the spring steel fixing the supports is missing. Hook remakes available in the Service section

The picture on the left shows the difference at the boogies - with and without spring steel. However, the 514 O has the rivet holes anyway. Both car are grey underneath - the 514 O for sure was also delivered with the green underside

railroad crane, orange cabin, - boom and hook moveable as described at the green crane above. This version has a black chassis. So far only seen in the catalogues 1971 through 1975 - possibly this model was only a trial version - and did never appear in the shops !!!

different lithographed tin inside cabin and different colours underneath


The original box with very nice lid picture. Same lid for the 023 Railroad Crane and 514 Crane Wagon ...

... just the Label was different. Price indicates that this one was sold in 1965 / 66
lid for the 023 and 514 box 514 Label
And finally I realised a 1,6 mm hole in the chassis underneath the Cabin. What is that good for? Secure spring, prevents uncontrolled unwinding of the rods false inserted support screws
Hole underneth the Cabin
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