521 baggage coach

1957 until 1970

baggage car, green, all tin. Roof and roof hood dark grey indicate to be the early version. Presumably also delivered without the rivet hole!!!

baggage car, green, all tin. Roof dark grey and roof hood light grey indicates to be the later version



the classic baggage coach

the later version

in comparison

comparing the roof hoods


1521 battery-baggage coach


available from 1957 until 1960/62. Until which year the battery coach was available is not really specified - at least until 1960 - most probably until the first 1013 / 1550 were issued in 1962

baggage car, green, all tin. Roof either light or dark grey. 

The difference to the normal superstructure concerns the recesses (to have the cables pass through towards the loco) punched into the side wall of each wagon - there are two on each side. Another hole is punched in to the "destination sign" on each side - to fix the battery compartment by means of two rivets.

Another method of fixing the battery box was achieved by 2 fishplates each side of the coach besides the "destination sign"
rivetted version fishplate version
this version having rivets holes (without rivets) and fishplates - the battery compartment is held by the fishplates

this version having the rivets and fishplates

having rivet holes and fish-plates double fixation
 - coach from below - showing the plastic battery compartment as known from the 1502 tender - three AAA batteries. The batteries were kept in place by means of a small security plate fixed between chassis and boogie - see below
the battery compartment

the open chassis

th esecured chassis

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