522 goods wagon

available from 1957

Goods wagon, dark brown, roof grey, all open plastic chassis, tin boogies

tinall tin

open plastik chassis


closed plastic chassis, tin boogies

in chassis and plastic boogies
closed plastic chassis

tin chassis and plastic boogies


plastic chassis and plastic boogies

tbright brown and cream roof, tin chassis, tin boogies - 1971 and later
plastic chassis and plastic boogies bright brown

both colours in comparison

for that nobody alleges "it is a hand-made single version"

different shades

not hand-made


a bleached out 522 - both not visible sides have the "normal" brown colour

another strange car: Goods wagon with grey roof and and battery chassis of the 152X series. This one is original - nothing self-made. The middle gap is closed by a tin plate.

I name it "1522 Battery Goods Wagon" - even though it is not a battery car.


I call this one "1522"

And to complete this series: I acquired a Goods Wagon with a closed tin chassis but the corresponding recesses in one of the side walls.

Anyway - I don' think there was a Battery coach of this kind available - where to place the battery compartment? How to fix it? How to open or close the doors

1st version in blister box


1st version in blister box

un-punched tinplate for goods wagon doors - from January 1958

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