The "Lilienthal Kleinbahn" - by Col. David Ronald

The name was chosen by "aviator enthusiasm" - praising Otto Lilienthal. 

However this Railway really existed and went from Bremen to Tarmsdorf - the last train ran May-17-1954 and was decomposed thereafter. The former track today serves as a "cyclist route". The station "Moschenhof" never existed - it is a famous Inn close to Düsseldorf - the station Wulfertzberg is imagination - related to the owners former address in Düsseldorf. Thanks David.


the layout in general - pictures according the numbering. Please note all the details on this layout. Really excellent work

Position No. 6 - the whole scene underneath the roof


Position No. 37A - station St. Georg - serving as passenger and goods station. Take a look at the worker - turning a 508 variation wagon on the turntable. Webmaster's favourite picture!!!

Position No. 2 - called widget factory


Position No. 3 - between widget factory and "Wulfertzberg" - vehicles mainly CKO die-cast

Mountainous area - on the way to "Moschenhof"


Position No. 4 - Billerbahn in the "mountains" - returning to "Wulfertzberg"

Position No. 5 - imaginary station "Wulfertzberg" and another train crossing in the background towards "Moschenhof"


Position No. 16A - view from above onto the bridge and "Wulfertzberg"

Position No. 8 - Faller card board engine shed in "Moschenhof"


Position No. 9 - the "Moschenhof Inn" in detail


This layout is no longer in use - the Biller Train is now being used in "outdoor" operation - in Lincolnshire.

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