Twin axle battery trucks

1956 until 1962 ???
Tender 1502

like the gondola 502, including cover, carrying 3 AA sized batteries. Cable colours were yellow, blue, green, red or white

the tender inside - external cable length is 45 mm without and 60 mm incl. plug. The plus (+) pole is always right side (in forward direction - on the picture now on the left side)

the 1502 with red chassis neat and clean :-)

as described before, now having a blue chassis - a definite allocation of any number is impossible - since only b/w pictures were available. Possibly it is the 1022, which has never appeared so far - or is it simply the tender for the 1500 / 1501 with blue engine cover? The inscription also says 1502

showing the version with red cables

possibly the 1022 ???

red cables

battery compartment available with ...

or without rivet holes in the side walls ...

battery compartment without rivet holes battery compartment showing the rivet holes

... and different positions of the holes for the cables. The measure between the top of compartment and bottom of the cable hole is 14 mm for wagon on the right side - and 10 mm for the wagon on the left side

different measures at the cable holes


And for comparison - the matching lid 1502 on the 14 mm compartment

The lid does NOT FIT on the compartment with the 10 mm measure - without pinching the wires - or rest in an oblique position. The compartment was more likely destined for the battery coaches 1520 / 1521 - and subsequently should always show the rivet holes. I'm sure - there will be exceptions to this :-( The green chassis shown here is NOT original !!!

perfect !!!

lid in oblique position

In order to achieve slower - closer to original - speed some operators use battery dummies so that the engine runs at 3 Volt only.

Battery Dummy

Battery Dummy

internal of the truck - in this case replaced by a modern battery compartment carrying 3 AAA sized batteries - because defect / leaking batteries have often destroyed the metal contacts. In fact this is my real favorit operating the trains - using 3 rechargeable accus - thus operating the trains with 3,6 Volt, which is a good "intermediate" between often to fast 4.5V and sometimes too weak 3V.

The 2 so far known different types of cable attachment in the tender.
Pressed under the rivet on the right.

“Squashed” under the flap on the left.
battery compartment using modern spare parts different fixation of cables 
And then we have the 1958 price list - offering a Nr. 1503 Battery tender, green, 85 mm for 2.- DEM. Details are still missing.

Tender 1015

delivered together with the 1013 E, lid orange, chassis red

1015, now with a blue chassis

the 1015 with red chassis

the "blue" 1015


the 1015 lid in detail

In 2013 an original box incl. the original cable came up. Cables were produced at the Leonische Drahtwerke AG in Nuremberg - today a global corporation.

the 1015 lid in detail

battery tenders were most probably available until 1962


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