self made / created steam locos - based on Biller Engines


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Diesels and Rail Cars

a 2nd generation 1550, modified with a Glockenanker-motor - having a certain centrifugal mass (motor with a bell-shaped armature and a fly wheel). This drive was built / modified by Wolfgang Linnenberger... and today runs in Luxemburg.

A 500 steam loco in German "Lšnderbahn" design
German Lšnderbahn design German Lšnderbahn design
a pro-longed 550 steam loco a 1500 E with self installed and working Front Light
a pro-longed 550 including Front Light
1500 on the motor test stand. But the expert soon recognises the fake: one-sided (see below) mounted pick-up shoe! What was that one good for? And the broken front buffer was replaced by a tin.

More info about the test stand is given here

1st Biller steam loco with front light
 the first Biller Live Steam Loco "Katie" - the 2nd Live-Steam loco
1550 Version 2 - powered by any Battery Truck - 1502 in this case. Other Trucks suitable as well. Perfectly made!!!
Plastic Steam powered by a 1502 Battery Truck seen from the rear the plugs "Internals"
I call this in Switzerland self-built 1500 conversion "EMMA". Emma was the name of a famous loco driven by Lukas - both very well known from a 1960 fairytale by Michael Ende. Despite several changes and conversions this loco works - limited. Since the on-/ off-lever was shortened the knob does not manage to operate as required .
Emma 1 Emma 2 Emma innen Emma innen
1550 conversion with short chimey and additional - glued onto the front lamps - buffers. Possibly this engine was used on a layout with 0-wagon carrier truck operation?
 Kleiner Schlot aufgeklebte Puffer
1550, combination of light and dark-gray, black wheels. There is still the need to gather some more information regarding this loco. The owner describes the engine as "original", the superstructure is original and of gray plastic (no gray painting). Wheels black. Whoever has any idea regarding this model - just let me know - millions of Biller Fans are waiting for an answer

with a replaced chimney

comparison of "normal" and replaced chimney

definitely self-made version showing a green cabin

 self made German "Länderbahn" loco


a self constructed 0-6-0 tender 1550. This one really exists and works properly

a fireless Biller loco 


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