self made / created Diesel locos and Rail cars - based on Biller Engines


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even the first view identifies this model as self made: Clockwork-Diesel with copper contact in the cabin? And steam cylinders? And the keyhole offers a view onto the brass motor. You can even identify the rectangular motor-housing as used for the 1550 / 1013 locos. How was this version propelled?

In September 2014 a possible solution came to my knowledge: frame and motor of a 1550 Steam Loco, piston rods removed, cables prolonged respectively soldered to the missing cabin internal copper contact - fitted with Maerklin plugs- and lead through the self-drilled holes at the cabin's back. Unfortunately the superstructure is one of the very first series :-(


And another unusual 1020. The motor-housing is - in general - light-blue, however partially hand-painted in red. The cables were soldered to the backside of the original Plugs and left the Engine between chassis and housing to the rear. Maerklin plugs were installed. Both above listed locos have to use any self-made battery-Truck as shown on the corresponding page.

The following 3 locos are presumably built after Biller ceased business - made from left-over parts found at the facory location.
Made from parts - and the result is a 1020 E "Police". This version was built on a Diesel-Frame - showing a blue Head-Light". The motor was a left-over from a rare 1510 "Steam-Loco". the hood presenting the blue "head-light"
total zusammengesetzt von vorne
as described above - however now a frame of the 550er steam loco was used. The holes for the battery cables are self-drilled.
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This last presented version is or was shown at this Nuremberg Toy Museum - now missing the blue "Head-Light" - on a frame of a 550 steam loco. I assume the cable holes being self-drilled. The motor is either from a "normal" 1020 or a 1500, The engine cover is red at the bottom - and blue the upper part.
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And then we have this quite curious version. The engine cover is red at the bottom - and blue the upper part. Which itself is nothing unusual - but the cog-wheeled switch makes me a little "nervous"!!! It also shows the larger "dome" on the roof - and the axle covers are missing as well. Finally you can see the genuine holes for the battery plugs.
I assume these models were assembled from left-overs after Biller ceased production. The pattern of the 5 above listed versions coincide. Possibly the "creator" will identify himself the other day!!!???
a self-made orange 013 - former green a green 013 with red framed cooler
had no spare parts!!! "BILLI" - is the little brother of the 013 - shortened by 20 mm

AEG industrial train

the 1st Biller Crocodile



fire brigade on track

typical German Lšnderbahn railcar

electric railcar pulling a normal passenger coach

 ... and now towing some tippers

another electric railcar self-made 1013, powered by a "1524"

Self-made 1013 with 1524


Self-made 1013 with 1524

Self-made 1013 with 1524

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